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Thursday, February 22






What Story is your School Telling? Glen 205Shannon Booth • Jason Ness • Dan New • Ryan Reed The Messiness of LD Identification: Implications for Educators Macleod Hall E3Michelle Drefs • Meadow Schroeder • Michael Zwiers CTS Labs - Making it work, a round table sharing of ideas Telus 107Robert VanderLee Photography: The Basics of Exposure Telus 110Wade Westworth Understanding the Guidelines Glen 206Dori Palmiere Flexible Seating: Inspiration, Implementation and Trouble Shooting Glen 208Cassandra Lacroix Music and Story Fun for Grades 4-6! Glen 209Christie Noble • Tracy Stener Meilleurs pratiques en immersion française Telus 111Sharon Lonsberry Canada's Secret Shame- Human Trafficking Macleod Hall E4Stephanie Anderson Curriculum Development Update Telus 108/109Keith Millions • Joni Turville Your Pension Matters Macleod Hall E2ATRF STAFF Creating Masterful Authors: Pedagogy that Supports the Development of Students from Reluctant Writers to Masterful Authors in Division II with Non-Fiction Text Structures Telus 106Michelle Bence • Patricia Gillespie Noble Helping Students Become Active, Strategic Readers Glen 204Blanche Lamont Numerish or Englacy: How Can We Factor Numeracy into Our English Classes Telus 103Vince Marion The ABC's of Teaching Reading Glen 201Benita Gross • James MacDonald Coding in the Math Classroom Telus 105Darryl Marchand (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Waste and the Penguin World; A behind the scenes look at how we maintain our penguin pool. Off-SiteRosalind Gilchrist Climate Change Champions - Enhancing Alberta Youth's Climate Literacy and Action Telus 104Jaclyn Angotti • Warren Lake There are Never any Sessions for High School Science or Social! Well, here's one! Telus 101/102Jennifer Janzen Virtual Learning Commons Kijiji Style: The power of sharing digital resources. Glen 210Chris Gartner • Verena Roberts Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement Macleod Hall E1Melissa Bettcher Maths - No Problem! Experience the Singapore Method of Teaching Math Glen 202Andy Psarianos


Combating Student Absenteeism: Enhancing Systems to Improve Educational Outcomes Macleod Hall DHanna Kubas • Kristy McConnell • Chris Pawluk Photography: Composition Telus 110Wade Westworth (PRE-REG) Creating a Culture of Respect for Gender and Sexual Diversity Glen 206Dori Palmiere CANCELLED Acceptance not Tolerance: Navigating through Islam and the Muslim Community Macleod Hall ANavaid Aziz Aqua Action - Environmental Social Activism Imperial 5Christine Crane • Tori Maciejewski Life of a Teacher with ADHD-The Child Perspective, The Parent Perspective, and the Teacher Perspective Glen 208Carrie Marshall • Mary Ann Noack Teaching Strategies that Promote Inclusion of Children with Behavioural Challenges Macleod Hall CJennifer Jones • David Stawn Workplace Wellness for Tired Teachers Macleod Hall E2Nannette Gropp • Christine Vokins Stories and Nursery Rhymes to Sing Rap and Read for Grades 1-3! Glen 209Christie Noble • Tracy Stener New Blood Performance ~ A Story of Reconciliation Talk Back Discussion Exhibition Hall EDeanne Bertsch The 411 on the TQS: What teachers need to know about the new TQS Macleod Hall BMark Swanson (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Life of Pi; Animals, Literature and Anthropomorphism Off-SiteRosalind Gilchrist The Bridge to Comprehension Telus 101/102Heather Baptie • Terry Dobson Bringning Math Alive - Division 1 Imperial 3Lenee Fyfe • Darcie Thomas Buddy Teachers + Buddy Classrooms = Math Success Telus 108/109Jane Felling Fine-motor skills in Elementary School Imperial 1 Project-Based Learning as a Teaching Philosophy Imperial 2Derek Keenan Nature Connections for your Classroom (Kindergarten) Glen 204Judy Marsh The Old Testament in 75 minutes - understanding the big picture Glen 210Stéphane Saulnier Hidden Gems in Science Using TI Technology Telus 105Darryl Marchand “Choose your own Alberta Adventure” with www.albertatomorrow.ca Telus 103Jennifer Janzen Coding... Who Me? Telus 104Joan Kollewyn • Susan Rudakoff ME, MY SELFIE AND I; How Social Media is Creating a Self-Obsessed Generation Imperial 8Wade Sorochan Mindfulness in Schools: myths and misconceptions, the purpose and the practice. Imperial 7Chris Hughes Open a Book – Open a Mind: Using Literature as a Catalyst for Positive Mental Health Glen 201Jacqueline Guest The balancing act - Yoga for the intermediate practitioner Imperial 4/6Kendra Harper My Car won't start. An introductory session on automotive starting circuits Telus 107Dennis Martin The ‘How To Create Awesome Meetings’ Break-Out Session Glen 205Gord Sheppard Executive Functions, LD and ADHD: Who’s the Boss? Macleod Hall E3Tanya Keto (PRE-REG) Musical Manipulatives- Make and Take It Telus 106Tashina Mackenzie A Year of Elementary Art Imperial 9Lani Loewen The Neurolinguistic Approach in L2 Education Telus 111Sharon Lonsberry Werklund School of Education Undergraduate Student Poster Display Hallway outside Imperial RoomsCynthia Prasow • Werklund School of Education Undergraduate Students (PRE-REG) Strong Girls/Strong Women Macleod Hall E4Catlin Scott (PRE-REG) Discover BirdSleuth and the Citizen Science Opportunities from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Off-SiteSarah Smith (PRE-REG) SAIT School of Construction Engineering Design and Drafting and Geomatics Engineering Technology Off-SiteCarina Butterworth • Lindsay Douglass • Verda Kocabas • Brad Mauro • Alison Tait The Power of Learning How to Receive Macleod Hall E1Jody Swift


Student Experiences of High School Redesign: Discussing the Impacts of Redesign on Student Learning Glen 208Dan New The Principal's Role in Supporting TQS Implementation Telus 110Mark Swanson Hopes and Dreams: Stories of Young Refugees Telus 103Dijla Al-Rekabi • Heather Forester Making Connections: The Teacher and the Substitute Teacher Macleod Hall BDarryl Smolik Using Learning Journals to Organize and Synthesize Student Learning Macleod Hall E2Breanne Davidson • Jenna Dimnik • Linda Kroeker African Music for Children Glen 209Garth Prinsonsky Storytelling Through Theatre Imperial 1David Chantler Collective Memories: Braiding Our Stories Through History Imperial 4/6Cheryl Devin How to Identify and Improve Anxiety in the Primary Classroom Imperial 7Laurie Wright Laugh from the Past: What do kids actually remember from school? Glen 201Darren Morris Books that Inspire Creativity and Some Fun Projects to go with them Macleod Hall CJennifer Jones • David Stawn Raising Readers - Tools to Promote Reading at Home Telus 101/102Heather Baptie • Terry Dobson Bringing Math Alive - Division 2 Imperial 3Lenee Fyfe • Darcie Thomas Secondary Math and Technology: What Makes a Best Fit? Telus 105Darryl Marchand Innovative Student Leadership for a Better World Imperial 2Derek Keenan Second languages and technology Imperial 5Lee Wynder Nature Connections for your Classroom (Div 2) Glen 204Judy Marsh Nature education: anytime, anywhere Telus 104Jaclyn Angotti The New Testament in 75 minutes - understanding the big picture Glen 210Stéphane Saulnier (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Animal Health and Happiness Off-SiteRosalind Gilchrist In the Shadows of Our Ancestors Macleod Hall AWayne Arthurson Go pro with a GoPro camera... Photo & Video Shoot and Editing session Telus 108/109Gregg Silver From Surviving to Thriving – Building Skills for Resiliency Glen 202Dan Bateman HEADSTRONG - Youth Leading Canada to Mental Wellness Macleod Hall DFiona Haynes Smartphones; The Heroin of Technology Imperial 8Wade Sorochan Teaching human sexuality in your school Glen 206Heather Cobb • Christine Sturgeon
Friday, February 23


97 Staff Recognition Tips in Just 75 Minutes Glen 204Nelson Scott Questions School Principals Ask Member Services Macleod Hall E4Kurt Moench Streamlining the Report Card Writing Process Glen 208Kiersten Villadsen Where do we Go From Here? The ‘right time, right place’ approach to mental health supports Macleod Hall E1Ariel Haubrich Delving into Discipline Glen 202Brandon Bailey Your Passion is Contagious! Meaningful Practices in the Music Classroom Telus 108/109Karly Lewis Let’s Create a Musical and Fulfill Outcomes! Imperial 1Colleen Whidden Interactive vocabulary and grammar tools for teaching French Telus 111Terry Nadasdi Ahead By a Century: Learning from the Past, Inspiring the Future Macleod Hall APresident Greg Jeffery Indigenous Ways of Knowing Imperial 3Cheryl Devin Introducing Indigenous Topics into the Classroom: Opening Conversations in a Good Way Macleod Hall BJennifer MacDonald • Jennifer Markides The Bargaining Process: A New Playing Field Macleod Hall CChris Gibbon Building a Strong Foundation - Phonological Awareness and Phonics Macleod Hall DHeather Baptie • Terry Dobson Play on Words - Primary Literacy Games Glen 206Jane Felling Exploring the Connections between Math and Citizenship Education Glen 209Michelle Hawks God & Star Wars Telus 107Michael Landry Judaism and Israel in the World, then to now Glen 210Gregg Silver The Purity Pandemic | dealing with disaster in our postmodern world Imperial 2Peter Hill (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Biodiversity through the Canadian Wilds Off-SiteRosalind Gilchrist When Black Holes Collide - Bringing LIGO into your classroom Telus 105Tara Cunningham • Brett Eustergerling • Deen Lockhat • Laura Pankratz • Kristina Wasyleczko Curriculum Through Cartoons: Engaging Our Visual Learners in the Social Studies Classroom Imperial 9Darren Morris How do we teach about climate change and give students hope? Telus 104Gareth Thomson Press Start: Bringing Video Games into the Humanities Classroom Telus 103Greg Overguard The Importance of Intergenerational Trauma Transmission/The Calgary Foundation Imperial 8Ever Active Schools Supporting High School Completion: A Tool Kit for Success - What to do when students are at risk of not completing high school. Telus 106Krystal Abrahamowicz Sweaty Eyes/Fishing for Answers Macleod Hall E2Tom Dirsa Crafting the Fiction Story - Untangling This Demanding Genre Glen 201Blanche Lamont Supporting Students in Their Move to Increasingly Effective Math Strategies (k-6) Glen 205Wanda Dechant (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Nature Journaling through Destination Africa Off-SiteAndrea Beaty Conflict Resolution - Building the Bridges Macleod Hall E3Darryl Smolik (PRE-REG) VEX Robotics - Competitive Engineering for High School Telus 110Curtis Arends (PRE-REG) Zen Inspired Landscape Off-SiteSally Towers-Sybblis (PRE-REG) Improving Writing through Journaling Off-SiteRyan Lemphers (PRE-REG) Shuttle Time Off-SiteBilly Gilliland (PRE-REG) Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness - An introduction to possibilities this type of programming has to offer! Off-SiteAmy Monea • Angie Payne


Kick-Starting Workplace Wellness/Alberta School Board Employee Benefit Plan Imperial 5Ever Active Schools Move your Body, Grow your Brain: Activity Permissive Learning Environments/Ever Active Schools Imperial 4/6Ever Active Schools Nature Immersion/University of Calgary Outdoor Centre Imperial 8Ever Active Schools Building Professional Relationships Through Reflective Learning Communities Glen 202Heather Boone • Gayleen Roelfesma • Shelley Smith Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog Glen 204AAC Facilitator A new education program: Energy efficiency and climate action! Telus 104Gareth Thomson Doodling Takes Over The Classroom! Glen 209Nadya Schewczyk If your Mother would fall asleep, so will everyone else! The Art of Concert Programming Imperial 1Jeff Diodati • Kathryn Parrotta • Colleen Whidden Learning From Each other: Canada and Africa Connect Telus 108/109Kimberley Lewis Mixed Media Caleidoscope Imperial 9Christina Dixon Indigenizing Our Teaching Practices Macleod Hall BDerek Markides • Jennifer Markides Indigenous Alberta: The Footsteps of Our Ancestors Imperial 3Cheryl Devin Teacher Time - What is it and how do I count it? Macleod Hall CChris Gibbon Analyzing Modern Media: Using Reader's/Writer's Methodology to Leverage Student Interests Telus 101/102Thomas South Did I Get It Right?- Teaching the Range and Limitations of Interpretation of Poetry Telus 103Jim Forrest Technology in the Math Classroom | a look at Casio graphing calculators Imperial 2Peter Hill The Impact of One Decision Macleod Hall AAmanda Oling What’s Your Story? Macleod Hall DRobin Pawlak Teaching FSL as a Travelling Cart Telus 111Rachelle Dedam Using Novels in the Second Language Classroom Glen 210Kristin Duncan Hot-Button Hell: Starting a New Conversation Telus 105Dean Schneider (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Enclosure design in Eurasia with a focus on Pandas Off-SiteRosalind Gilchrist How to build and assess lab skills in Secondary Science Telus 107Jeromy Hall Creating a Student Journalism Club for Student Voice and Community Engagement Glen 208Jocelyn Littlefair Authoritative, Age Appropriate Content for Division I Students Macleod Hall E4Bethany Arsenault A Whole School Approach to Positive Mental Health/ Alberta Health Services *Note: this is a one-hour session from 10:00am - 11:00am Imperial 7Ever Active Schools Coping with teaching because it's not your fault! Exhibition Hall ESusan Carter Increasing Engagement and Achievement through Mentoring Relationships in Schools Glen 206Jodi McKay • Caroline Missal An Apple a Day: How technology and the internet affect our health and wellness Macleod Hall E1Ariel Haubrich



Equitable Access to Physical Activity - Expert Panel/Moderated by the Be Fit for Life Network - Calgary Imperial 8Ever Active Schools 60 in 60: Formative Assessment Techniques for Every Classroom Glen 204AAC Facilitator CTF Successful Project Base Learning for Grades 5-9 Imperial 7Paul Bohnert Inclusive Education: A Panel of One? Macleod Hall E2Karen Sudom iPad – Ready – Shoot! Captivate Your Students – Infuse Stop-Motion Animations In Your Lessons! Glen 209Nadya Schewczyk Music beyond notes Glen 210Gregg Silver Wings of light in watercolours Imperial 9Christina Dixon Exploring Canadian Educators’ Responsibilities Regarding International and National Commitments to Indigenous Peoples Macleod Hall AMichelle Hawks Professional Conduct is in Order Imperial 2Kurt Moench Teachers' Convention Review Focus Group Macleod Hall CAndrea Craigie • Nancy Luyckfassel • Allison McCaffery The History and Legacy of Residential Schools Imperial 3Cheryl Devin Working Together to Support Mental Health in Alberta Schools: Planning for the Wellness of All Learners Telus 106Krystal Abrahamowicz How to Get Your Students Writing Macleod Hall DRobin Pawlak Little Bull: How to Learn About and Address Racism through Creative Writing Telus 101/102Blair Yoxall Writing a Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Forms Telus 103Cherra-Lynne Olthof Explore Radicals and Visually "See" how the operations work. Telus 105Rosalind Carson Support for the green teacher Telus 104Gareth Thomson Taking learning and play outside Macleod Hall E3Meredith Carter • Lisa Marie Labossiere • Monika Zimmermann (PRE-REG) Engage your students - Teaching French using the action-oriented approach Telus 111Kim Lockhart Focus on FUNdamentals: Supporting the Development of Physical Literacy (Grades 7-12) Imperial 1Tracy Lockwood Sacred Scripture & Secular Students Telus 107Michael Landry How to build and assess lab skills in Junior High Science Telus 108/109Christine Crane Reaching Division II Students with Authoritative Resources Macleod Hall E4Bethany Arsenault Bullying Ends Here: Spreading acceptance and understanding Exhibition Hall ETad Milmine Enhanced Supports for Mental Health: A Divisional Response for High School Youth Glen 202Teresa Fowler • John Laing • Jim Reilly Education for Reconciliation "Calls to Action" Glen 205Donna Ross (PRE-REG) SAIT Model Home Building Off-SiteDan Weinert Through Autism Glasses Imperial 5Kitty Parlby Urban Sketching: Journaling Your Journey Off-SiteMichael Shain The Blanket Exercise Imperial 4/6Crystal Clark • Shannon Loutitt Teaching Word Solving Strategies - A Forgotten Skill? Glen 201Blanche Lamont How a Deeper Understanding of Dyscalculia Can Benefit All Math Students Glen 208Wanda Dechant • Kimberly Tackaberry (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Connections in Nature, introducing conservation to the classroom Off-SiteRosalind Gilchrist Squishy Circuits - Using Play-doh to investigate circuitry Glen 206Tara Cunningham • Brett Eustergerling • Deen Lockhat • Laura Pankratz • Kristina Wasyleczko


Unlucky when hiring? 13 reasons why so many hiring decisions don’t work out Macleod Hall E4Nelson Scott 911! Hot Topics in Assessment Glen 204AAC Facilitator Assessment In CTF – Am I Doing this Right?!? Telus 106Krystal Abrahamowicz Sad, Mad, Scared...Bad? An Overview of children's mental health Macleod Hall E1Ariel Haubrich Creative and Inspiring Work with Special Needs Classes Glen 202Gregg Silver Cultural Lego: Constructing Gender and Culture Macleod Hall AMichelle Hawks Delivering on your curriculum and increasing environmental and energy literacy through project-based learning Telus 104Gareth Thomson Songs of colours in Oil Pastels Imperial 9Christina Dixon Stress Balls Go Hard Core! Telus 108/109Kimberley Lewis Improving Oral Proficiency and Learner Confidence in French Immersion Telus 111Denis Cousineau National Geographic's Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric Exhibition Hall EDocumentary Viewing Closing the Gap – delivering a short term, intensive intervention for struggling readers. Glen 209Betty Howell Online Assessment with Google Forms (featuring Google Classroom) Telus 103Cherra-Lynne Olthof Share the Book Love - Incredible Texts for Secondary Students Imperial 3Bailey Almberg Explore Exponents: What these can represent physcially and how to Visualize the Exponent Operations Telus 105Rosalind Carson New to French Second Language and French Immersion teaching...now what? Macleod Hall E3Diana Boisvert CANCELLED Onsite Orienteering Imperial 1Jon Olfert Authentic Worship | understanding & teaching the connection between worship & purity Imperial 2Peter Hill Exploring Assessment in Chemistry 20 Macleod Hall E2Kirsten Medd • Jennifer Mensah Effectively 'teaching' writing for Social Studies Telus 101/102Mark Driedger Technology in the Second Language Classroom Glen 210Kristin Duncan Kindness in the Classroom Imperial 7Theresa McIsaac • Krista Warners Taking a Bite Out of Nutrition Myths Telus 107Amber Arnold • Jen Awde